About DART Technologies

DART Technologies (DARTT) is an engineering company founded in 2009 and is located in Perth, Western Australia. Our mission is to continually improve technologies within the oil and gas industry to create safer and more efficient operations. We believe complex tasks can be simplified with ergonomic workflows, state of the art equipment and concise presentation of data with objective results.

The directors of DARTT are widely experienced engineers active in the Subsea oil and gas industry. Our philosophy is to make tools for ourselves, tools we have required but didn’t have. All DARTT products are born out of a real need, and are developed out of a passion for perfection.

With our team of Subsea, Completion & LWI Engineers, and our software and technology experts, we use contemporary technology and innovative engineering to simplify complex operations with easy to use products, all designed, engineered and tested at our local Perth base. Oil and gas will continue to play an important role in meeting the global energy demand, and now, more than ever, operations must focus on increased safety and efficiency to remain viable.   

DARTT strives to continually improve its existing products whilst bringing new innovative ideas to the oil and gas industry.