DARTT Recorder BOP Pressure Testing Unit

BOP periodic pressure testing is a major component of API RP 53 BOP regulations and standards. RAM and Annular BOP’s primary objective is to be on call to retain pressure throughout operations and in emergencies.

Compliance and Efficiency

BOP RAM and Annular stack pressure testing is time consuming and expensive, so pressure testing efficiently is important.

Use a DARTT Recorder to ensure compliance and efficiency with BOP stack pressure testing. Without question the order of importance is compliance then efficiency, but you can have both using a DARTT Recorder.

We have conducted case studies using mechanical chart recorders and it is simply not possible to achieve the “Ultimate” result. You will hold either a passed test unnecessarily long or you will end the test before it is compliant. A DARTT Recorder will inform the operator on the probability of a pass throughout the test and notify of a pass instantly allowing a guaranteed compliant test in the shortest time possible.

Why Use a DARTT Recorder for BOP RAM and Annular Stack Pressure Testing?

BOP Pressure testing is a key component of API RP 53 regulations and if you are serious about compliance, efficiency and safety of your RAM and Annular stacks, you should be using the best equipment available for chart recorder devices.

When choosing a digital pressure testing system, be sure the designer has addressed compliance and efficiency in the right order. Be cautious of a magic box running secret algorithms that you are ultimately responsible for.

A DARTT Recorder embraces technology while allowing the operator to stay in control and with full traceability and transparency.

The simplicity and transparency of a DARTT Recorder cannot be matched. If you can use a mechanical chart recorder and use a modern mobile phone, then you are equipped to operate a DARTT Recorder. The transparency of the system allows for a complete understanding of the test health throughout the operation, the touch screen zoomability allows for intuitive focus on pressure changes and is especially useful during trouble shooting.

DARTT Recorder BOP Pressure Testing Intuitive & Simple 

Step 1: Setup BOP Pre-set Tests

Enter BOP RAM and Annular pressure testing schedule in to the DARTT Recorders built in pre-set test database. Include part numbers, serial numbers and all equipment, such as RAM blocks, and component specific traceability information. Enter pressure testing criteria (pressures, hold periods, allowable losses). Enter BOP RAM and Annular stack test schematics.

DART Technologies will release its online pre-set test porthole late 2018. This will allow company engineers to write out pre-set tests from the office and they can be synchronised to infield DARTT Recorders for execution.

Step 2: BOP Pressure Test

Perform the pressure testing sequence while the DARTT Recorder analyses the health of the test throughout the hold period. If the DARTT Recorder indicates the test will pass, stand back and wait for the inevitable pass. If the DARTT Recorder says it will not pass, then holding is a waste of time and an action needs to be taken to rectify the system as soon as possible.

Step 3: BOP Pressure Test Reports

All BOP RAM and Annular stack pressure test sequence results are automatically digitally reported and signed complete with all required traceability information. These test reports are automatically saved to the DARTT Recorder internal database and can be exported quickly for filing or emailing.

The DARTT Recorder pressure test reports can be aligned to your companies cloud storage service for instant access to infield results.

Digital BOP RAM and Annular Stack Pressure Testing System Availability

DARTT Recorders are in stock and on the shelf for immediate delivery. The small form factor allows for expedited delivery via airfreight, local couriers and helicopter for urgent work. 

Reduce BOP Pressure Testing Time, Increase Safety and Traceability

  • BOP Stump Pressure Testing

  • BOP 21 Day Pressure Testing

  • BOP Maintenance Testing

  • BOP Negative Pressure Testing

  • BOP Inflow Pressure Testing.

+ How will a BOP DARTT Recorder save time?

The DARTT Recorder identifies a passed test instantly. The tendency for an operator to extend the hold period of a paper chart “just to be sure” is eliminated. Our case studies show this alone can save tens of thousands of dollars on a BOP stack testing sequence. The predictive features of the DARTT Recorder helps an operator decide early weather to bump pressure, start trouble shooting for a leak, or standby as the test will pass as is. These features change decision making from subjective to matter of fact, and save a lot of time per test sequence. There are many other features that save time, contact us for more details. .

+ Is compliance assured?

Eliminate the risk of incorrectly assessed tests. The BOP DARTT Recorder only passes a test that has met the companies specification. Consequences of false passes can be catastrophic….who needs that risk.

+ Can Anyone Operate the DARTT Recorder?

BOP Pressure Test setups are performed through a structured “wizard” that guides the operator’s inputs; there is a very short learning curve. The DARTT Recorder is intuitive and easy to operate.