DARTT Recorder – Drilling, Completions and Subsea Pressure Testing Equipment

The DARTT Recorder can be used for any Drilling, Completions or Subsea Equipment pressure testing requirements. Subsea XMAS Trees, Subsea Landing Strings, Subsea Test Trees and Down Hold valves such as Subsea Safety valves are typical candidates for pressure testing with a DARTT Recorder. The whole pressure testing lifecycle of these Subsea, Drilling and Completions Products can be managed using a DARTT Recorder, from Factory Acceptance Pressure Testing, System Integration Pressure Testing, Installation Pressure Testing and finally Well Acceptance Pressure Testing and documentation.

A new and popular feature of the DARTT Recorder is the Subsea Pressure and Temperature Sensor capable of water depths to 4000 m without the requirement of a 1-atmosphere housing. This makes the system very easy to fit to ROV systems and with a small footprint. To learn more about the DARTT Recorder, contact one of our helpful staff members today.

+ Subsea Equipment for DARTT Recorder Pressure Testing

Equipment Installation pressure testing

• Pre-Deployment Testing

• Installation Testing

• Well Acceptance Criteria Pressure Tests

• Downhole Tubing Hanger Connections

Subsea ROV Testing


• Subsea Tree Manufacturers

• Suspension Pressure Tests Commissioning

• Subsea safety valve

• Well Intervention Pressure Testing

• Negative Pressure Testing

• Inflow pressure testing

• TRSV Valve Signature Recording.

Equipment manufacture and delivery pressure testing

• Component Testing

• Factory Acceptance Testing

• System Integration Testing

• Pre-Mobilisation Testing

• Site Receival Testing

Decommissioning pressure testing

• All Installation Pressure Tests

• Permanent Barrier Pressure Tests.

• Well Abandonment Testing

+ Ideal for Oil and Gas Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Subsea Trees, Landing String Equipment and Completions Equipment.

Pressure testing is a critical acceptance criterion for Subsea Equipment Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and System Integration Testing (SIT). It is critical that all pressure tests meet the set criteria and without any risk of a false pass. It is just as important that the pressure test is verifiably documented and signed with all validating traceability information. High Pressure Testing is generally performed to see if the system will pass (or not fail), the latter can cause uncontrolled energy release and HSE risks. Pressure testing requires the use of the safest practices and equipment available. If pressure testing is part of your core business and hi fidelity results, compliance to specifications and safety are critical, you should be using the best equipment available. Contact for more information on how a DARTT Recorder can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact our friendly staff today by calling +61 467 728 157, or by sending an email to dartt@dartt.com.au.