DARTT Recorder Pressure Testing Unit

The DARTT Recorder is military specification solid state platform with an ultra-precision digital pressure gauge and temperature sensor. This hardware is coupled with our proprietary embedded software to deliver sophisticated yet simple to use, plug and play advanced pressure testing tooling.

DARTT Recorder advanced pressure testing for BOP, XMAS Tree and all subsea equipment

Dartt Recorder Setup

Setting up the Dartt Recorder is simple. The pressure / temperature sensors hydraulic connection is tied in with the existing pressure recording devices (gauges or mechanical chart recorders).

The Dartt Dual Digital Sensor is connected to the rugged laptop or tablet via custom rugged sensor cables with quick connect military connectors.

Dartt Recorder Presure Testing Sensor.png

Why Use a DARTT Recorder for Pressure Testing?

If pressure testing is part of your core business and you are serious about compliance, efficiency and safety, you should be using the best equipment available for chart recorder devices.

DARTT Recorder Pressure Testing Intuitive & Simple  

Step 1: Specify

Enter equipment and test criteria, or select from preset tests.

Step 2: Test

Analyse test with high accuracy, precision digital pressure gauges, negative pressure testing equipment, prediction, rate of change, trend heave cancelling. Zoom in with touch screen for macro view.

Step 3: Report

Test record and traceability automatically generated and digitally signed. 

DARTT Recorder Pressure Testing 3 step process.gif

ROV Pressure Testing with DARTT Recorder

The DARTT Recorder can be easily integrated to existing ROV systems. The chart recorder device’s touch screen unit is mounted in the ROV control cabin for operation as you would for standard DARTT testing. Keeping the surface pressure testing units and ROV testing units the same maintains a systematic and consistent workflow for your project


Digital Pressure Testing System Availability

DARTT Recorders are in stock and on the shelf for immediate delivery. The small form factor allows for expedited delivery via air freight, local couriers and helicopter for urgent work.

  • Local delivery in hours.

  • Nationally in 24hrs

  • Internationally in 48hrs

Dartt Recorder Shipping Case

Reduce Pressure Testing Time, Increase Safety and Traceability. 

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • System Integration Testing

  • Pre-Deployment Testing

  • Installation Testing

  • Commissioning

  • Well Suspension Testing

  • Well Abandonment Testing

  • Maintenance Testing

  • Isolation Testing

  • Workshop testing

  • Test Bays

  • Mobile Work Site / Yard Testing

  • Deck Testing

  • Moonpool testing

  • Cement Pump testing

  • Negative Pressure Testing

  • Inflow Pressure Testing

  • Subsea ROV testing

  • Blow Out Preventers

  • Valve, Hoses, Pipework

  • Manifolds

  • Umbilicals

  • Flowlines & Manifolds

  • XTs

  • Work Over Packages

  • Casing Cement Shoes

  • Completion Seals/Plugs

  • Cement Plugs


+ How will a DARTT Recorder save time?

Thanks to the high accuracy, ultra-precision digital pressure gauges and negative pressure testing functionality, The DARTT Recorder identifies a passed test instantly. The tendency for an operator to extend the hold period of a paper chart “just to be sure” is eliminated. Our case studies show this alone can save tens of thousands of dollars on a BOP testing sequence. The predictive features of the DARTT Recorder helps an operator decide early weather to bump pressure, start trouble shooting for a leak, or standby as the test will pass as is. These features change decision making from subjective to matter of fact, and save a lot of time per test. There are many other features that save time, contact us for more details. .

+ Eliminate False Passes

Eliminate the risk of incorrectly assessed tests. The DARTT Recorder only passes a test that has met the companies specification. Consequences of false passes can be catastrophic….who needs that risk.

+ Can anyone operate the DARTT Recorder?

Yes, the DARTT Recorder is intuitive and easy to operate. Test setups are performed through a structured “wizard” that guides the operators inputs, there is a very short learning curve. All of our clients operate the chart recorder device themselves, however, we can send a DARTT engineer to site where this is preferred.

+ Can we get a demonstration?

Absolutely! Contact us.

+ Who has been using the DARTT Recorder?

So far most Australian Oil and Gas major operators have been taking advantage of the DARTT Recorders pressure testing capabilities. The chart recorder device has been used through the entire life cycle of the assets from component manufacture and factory acceptance testing to system integration testing, pre-mobilisation testing, deck testing and installation testing.

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